Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

The Future Of Events: Prediction And Innovation From Global Startup Summit

Global Startup Summit

Startup meetings have become the most crucial event for startups. It’s because startup meetings offer rich resources and support to help businesses flourish. With the growth of the angel investment network, startup events in India are becoming successful. In this blog, we talk about the future of startup events: the predictions and innovation. Read until the end to learn how the startup meeting will grow and how you can benefit from it.

Prediction & Innovation From Global Startup Summit

Influx of FDI

India saw a flow of $647.96 FDI between April 2014 to December 2023 (source). Thus, the stats show that India has become a lucrative investment market. It is the result of tax benefits and competitive labour costs. Thus, it provides a great scope of investment opportunities for startups. From international target audiences to the latest technology, assistance can help startups thrive.

‘Vocal For Local’ and ‘Make In India’ campaigns have boosted startup market exposure. Union Territory and small-town startups benefit most, attracting major investment opportunities. The tax and subsidy incentives make the Indian startup attractive. These benefits help you improve your pitch for your startup. Startups can benefit from more supportive laws and government policies in varying industries.

These startup meetings offer a stage for you to present your offerings. A global startup summit, like the one offered by 21BY72, helps you reach global investors. As a result, you get exposure to the national and international markets. It presents the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow.

Adoption of a hybrid meeting

The event industry has changed since we got locked in our houses for most of 2020. The online events became the norm during the pandemic. However, even after the return to ‘normal’ life, online events have become a permanent part of our lives. Thus, the hybrid event grew with a booming 658% (source).

A hybrid event is a combination of both live and online event management. Here, investors from around the globe can attend the event. As a result, entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to many investors. It reduces the cost of travelling for attendees and helps you accommodate diverse audiences.

Growing digitization helps us in providing international exposure and value to our attendees. Thus, the adoption of the hybrid mode of startup meetings is beneficial to investors and entrepreneurs.

Enhancing user experience with VR

VR or virtual reality has grown exceptionally in the past few years. It has redefined user experience with the simulated environment. By embracing VR you can boost your hybrid events better. Provide real-time experience to your online attendees and help them feel more involved. It increases the scope of your event and boosts the morale of attendees.

With VR, we can connect startups and investors from around the world. It will help them feel involved and make interaction easy. It increases the probability of FDI and allows budding entrepreneurs to target the global market.

Giving value to entrepreneurs and startups

A startup meeting is a learning opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. By conducting seminars and interviews you can provide valuable skills to your attendees. 21BY72 organizes the biggest startup events in India, attended by entrepreneurs nationwide. A few of them are Sanjay Bhargava, Praful Billore, Anuj Parekh, Sunny Garg, Sarthak Ahuja, Arjun Vaidya, Aman Gupta, Ghazal Alagh, and more. With years of experience, the speakers help budding entrepreneurs to learn and upskill for the industry.

Establishing brand image

Investment and learning are the primary goals of global startup summits. However, marketing and promotions are also a crucial part of it. More brands attend the startup meeting to network and establish their brand presence. Thus, embracing this fact can help you manage things better. Offer opportunities for the brand to market their startups and communicate well with others.

Sponsors and brand partnering becomes one of the key features of startup events. It offers established or budding brands a marketing opportunity and networking ground. Offer a convenient way for brands to promote and connect to grow the strength of your event.

Data tracking for better management

Data is the key to the success of business and startup events. From the people one meets to the knowledge gained in the startup events, data helps get the best out of it. Tracking the attendees’ behaviour, like their attention and liking, helps you manage the event better. Follow up the meeting with personalized highlights and insights to assist them.

Data tracking helps you gauge its effectiveness. As a result, you can better plan the next event’s details. It is crucial to improve the events and provide value to your attendees.


Startup meetings and events are the backbone of budding businesses and the growth of entrepreneurs. It offers a learning and marketing ground to them. With the changing technology and digitization, the way of conducting these events changes. Here, we discussed the predictions and innovations that enhance the experience of the global startup summit. The startup meeting has great growth potential from adopting hybrid meetings and embracing VR to data tracking and marketing.


What does a global startup summit for entrepreneurs mean?

A global startup summit is a formal setup where entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe meet. It is a platform for new and budding startups to pitch their ideas for funding. Additionally, these events have industry experts speaking and guiding the younger entrepreneurs. The event may have some business games to help people learn and upskill. One can set up a stall for their startup to attract investors and secure funding.

Can a small startup join the biggest startup events in India?

Absolutely! Whether you own a small or medium firm, a startup event is for every idea that has potential. Most of the startup events welcome entrepreneurs and startups of any size. 21BY72 understands that every business needs exposure and support. Register for a stall booking or a pass to attend the event. We assure you you’ll get valuable insights and opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

How can I benefit from a startup meeting?

Startup meetings are primarily for funding and networking purposes. However, that’s not all. It is a place for budding entrepreneurs to connect with industry experts. As a result, they get valuable lessons and insights to help them grow. 21BY72 wants to help entrepreneurs learn, grow, and flourish. Thus, we offer a stage for them to pitch their ideas, learn from industry experts, and build their network.

Are there any upcoming startup events in India?

Yes! 21BY72 is a team of angel investors networking, creating a space for budding entrepreneurs to thrive. With 15000+ attendees, 500+ global investors, and 100+ esteemed speakers, we have conducted 2 successful meetings. We are all set to conduct our 3rd leading global startup summit in India. If you want to grow your startup or invest in budding ones, register your seat in the startup meeting now!

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