Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Mastering Networking Opportunities at the Startup Event in Gujarat

Networking Opportunities at Startup Events

How does networking work at a startup event? It can be a little intimidating, but nothing we can’t get better at. We present some tips and tricks to save time and help you ace those networking opportunities at the startup event in Gujarat.

We, 21BY72, understand that networking is a crucial step in running a startup. With the right networking, investments, collaboration, professional growth, and more are accessible. So, we set up a startup event in Gujarat to provide global networking opportunities to budding startups.

What is the startup event in Gujarat?

21BY72 is a business networking company established by a team of angel investors who wanted to help budding entrepreneurs and their startups. We organize startup events where global industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs gather to support one another. We have organized two Global Startup Summits to date. We are again organizing an event in 2024 for entrepreneurs. It will include startup stalls, speeches by many industry leaders, and insightful panel discussions. Book your tickets at our website if you want to network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

So, what networking opportunities do you have at this startup event? Let’s explore this in detail.

What networking opportunities do you get at startup events?

Networking with investors

Startups need funding, the most difficult task of all. We understand the importance of funds for startups. Thus, as a group of angel investors, we want to make reaching investors easy for you. Similarly, we want to make investing easy for investors by presenting promising startups to them. Business networking events are a win for both. Pitch your idea, connect with investors, and strengthen your presence in the market.

Networking with businesses

Collaboration is the key to improving and excelling in business. We often need support from industry experts to enhance the quality of our service or product. This type of corporate networking event enables you to build corporate connections. You can connect with businesses or startups to improve your performance. You can partner up with other startups to boost your business. The growth opportunities are endless.

Networking with entrepreneurs

You don’t always have to network to gain something. Often, we need to build relationships to strengthen our network. These relationships help you in professional growth without judging you for any mistakes. You can understand one another better if you are both in the same boat of entrepreneurship. Thus, connect with as many like-minded people as you can.

We know what networking opportunities you’ll have attending the startup event. But how do you do this networking, right? Here are some tips to help you ace the networking opportunities.

How to ace the networking opportunities at the startup event?

Focus on a few rather than a mass.

A networking event is full of people: investors, visitors, entrepreneurs, and more. How do you connect with hundreds of people present at the event? You don’t! The key to effective networking is focusing on a few people you want to communicate with. It would help to talk with as many people as possible and exchange cards. However, please do your homework and identify a few people who align with your industry and build deeper connections with them.

Our business networking company provides our attendees with a list of all attendees. So, you can examine the list and create your list of people to connect with. Schedule a meeting or hang out with them to build a healthy business relationship.

Prepare your pitch for the networking events.

The primary goal of the startup event is to build a network. However, it can also be to get investment or build partnerships. Hundreds of entrepreneurs share the same mindset, so your pitch can make this networking opportunity a success or a miss.

Craft your pitch to showcase how the potential invesor or partner benefits. You must create several versions of your pitch. One should be elaborate, explaining everything in detail. The other pitch is for when you are short on time: something short and straight to the point.

Remember, practice makes things perfect. The pressure of networking events is real and can make you fumble. So, practice your pitch again and again! It would help if you adapted quick changes in your pitch depending on the person you are addressing. Thus, knowledge of the attendees can help you prepare in advance.

Add value and take value.

To get value, you must give value. If you find someone you can help with suggestions or provide valuable insights, they will help you, too. Your efforts will be recognized and reciprocated. You can also identify potential startups that can help you in the future. Helping them in the initial stage can pay off tenfold.

Listen to them and then talk about yourself.

Networking is an opportunity to present yourself and your startup. However, talking only about yourself without listening, acknowledging, or helping others might work against you. It can put off entrepreneurs and investors and negatively impact the image of your startup.

Listen to the person you are networking with genuinely. Please pay attention to some small details and note them down. Indulge them in a fruitful conversation rather than beating around the bush. It will help you start a conversation when you meet them again outside the startup event. When the other person feels heard, they will also listen to you.


Startups can thrive with the right funding and networking. It can help you regulate your operations and boost your business. We, a business networking company, want to ease the networking process. So, we set up a startup event in Gujarat attended by global industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. These startup events provide many networking opportunities to build your connections in the industry. You can connect with investors, businesses, and fellow entrepreneurs for funds and partnerships. There are many people at the event that you should talk with. However, you must narrow your list of people to build connections to network effectively. You must prepare various pitches to hit the nail when possible to ensure you ace these opportunities. Additionally, ensure you hear others and give value by helping them before you talk about yourself and ask for something.


What is a business networking company?

A business networking company is a formal organization that organizes networking events. At these events, investors and startup entrepreneurs gather to build networks. At these events, one can raise funding, listen to industry experts, and participate in panel discussions.

What is the Global Startup Summit 2024?

The Global Startup Summit 2024 is a startup event organized by 21by72. These events have attendees from around the globe and some exciting activities scheduled for you. These events include funding rounds, speeches by industry experts, and panel discussions with varied industry leaders. The goal of this startup event is for the professional growth of the entrepreneurs to help them run operations smoothly.

Are corporate networking events effective?

Yes. Corporate networking events are great places to find investors and like-minded entrepreneurs. You can find a startup to improve your performance and boost your business. You can find potential investors to grow your startup and get professional advice and support. Thus, it can help you build your network and grow your startup.

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