Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Strategies & Managing Stall Setup at Startup Events

Exhibition Stall

Entrepreneurship isn’t a random walk in the park. It requires an immense amount of work, deduction, and discipline. To convert a startup into a successful business, meticulous planning, execution, and adaptability are crucial.

There are many steps that an entrepreneur might take to boost the growth of their startup. One such step is participating by booking a stall in startup expos to showcase their ideas and products.

But setting up a stall in these events entails substantial prep work. Stall booking for startups is more than just booking and arranging a stall. If you want to get the best out of your investment, keep reading as we guide you on managing and setting up a stall at startup expos.

Before we dive straight into how to set them up, let us discuss the advantages of booking a stall at a startup event.

●  Establishing a brand presence in the market:

Startup expos are more than for a lead generation. Here you get a chance to market your startup to a diverse group of people because investors are not the only ones who attend these events. There are diverse customers, other entrepreneurs, and industry experts present, giving you an ideal platform to put your startup out there and create a positive brand image. All the while getting feedback and insights on your startup

●  Generate leads for business:

A startup event stall is the best way to generate authentic leads for your startup. It is especially true if your product or service is a B2B. Here, you can showcase your product or services and generate leads. You can also get finalized orders on the spot.

●  Grow your network:

In startup expos, individuals from varied backgrounds come together under one roof. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, attending these can help grow and expand your network, connecting with people from the industry to form reliable relationships for gaining and providing support.

●  Financing for your startup:

Since many investors do attend these events looking for promising startups to fund, and if you are looking for investment, these events give you the perfect opportunity to attract potential investors by displaying your product and services on a stall. You can pitch your idea and talk with them to raise funds for your business.

Now that you have an idea of how presenting your startup at a stall in startup expos can benefit you and your business, let’s dive into how you set up and manage a stall. If you want to learn more about how to book a stall, visit here.

Strategies for Effective Stall Setup and Management

● Prepare a budget for the stall setup:

Booking a stall costs money, and so does setting it up. If you don’t allot a definite budget, these things can go out of hand. Therefore, before you begin planning the layout and how to set it up, set boundaries on expenditure. While determining the budget, keep these things in mind. Excluding the cost of the stall, setup costs include transportation, accommodation, posters, flyers, digital media, product samples, business cards for networking, and more. Estimating the price will help you plan better and determine the return you can expect from attending the event. Then, you can compare the expected ROI in monetary and non-monetary terms.

● Study the stall:

Startup events have many stalls of varying sizes and locations. If you booked the stall, you already know the size and location of it, so when you begin planning the layout, do it accordingly. Also, be aware of what facilities are included in the stall prices so that you don’t end up wasting money. The stall can come with chairs, tables, and lights. Additionally, the stall providers equip you with advertisement space and digital devices, a branding board, and more. The features may vary with different stalls and startup event organizers. Explore the stalls and their supporting elements for Global Startup Summit 2024 here.

● Design the layout for the stall:

Before you get a chance to pitch your ideas, the first thing any attendee will notice is the look of your stall. It is going to be the first impression they are going to have of your brand. Thus, carefully design the layout of the stall you have booked. The layout should have a table to showcase your product or services, informative and attractive graphics about your startup, incorporate some fun wordplay, or keep it minimal and classy, depending on your brand. The color palette you choose matters; make it cohesive and should match or complement your brand colors. Subtle things make a huge difference, evoke positive emotions and your stall will be a success.

● Create engaging activities and introductions:

In an event where startups are vying for attendees’ attention, what keeps them engaged in your startup? Conversations – when you make a pitch for your startup, don’t just parrot out numbers and ideas. Interact with your audience, and make them a part of your exhibit. You can create interactive games or shows during the event, where you can gather larger audiences to engage with them, creating a positive vibe and boosting yourself and your startup. It can help you stand out among the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

● Train yourself and your team for event management:

Stall management is crucial. You or your team don’t want to get caught unprepared when someone visits your stall or asks questions. So, prepare a rudimentary timeline of what your day at the event should look like, which team member is managing what aspect of the stall, check if every piece of equipment is functioning, and ensure that each visitor is attended to well. Try to make the operations at your stall and your day at the event as smooth as possible. And also be ready for the unexpected!

● Always do a follow-up:

The real work begins after the event is over. Because now you have all this feedback, data, and potential investors to evaluate. It is time to do a follow-up on all the leads you have generated through the event. Be it for sales, scheduling meetings, negotiating investments, or even appreciating them for visiting, and giving their valuable time a follow-up is a must! Draft an email with some special moment or conversation to help them remember you and how you can discuss further the future scope of action.


You must keep certain things in mind before setting up an exhibition stall in a startup event, during and after the event. It starts with understanding your intention of attending. Do you want to raise funds, attract new leads, or have any other motive? Now, you need to research startup events that fit your intention and decide on the budget you could allocate to this opportunity. Compare various stall types available and select the one that fits your needs. Create engaging posters, banners, and engaging activities to grab your visitor’s attention. You and your team must be ready to interact and answer your visitor’s queries, collect leads, and build connections. Once you have leads and connections from the event, send them a follow-up of your conversation so they remember you. It helps you to get the best ROI on exhibition stall booking in startup events.

The Global Startup Summit 2024 is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your product, where the biggest startups in India will be present. It is an opportunity for you to raise funds, market your brand, and build valuable connections. An event with exciting exhibition stalls, panel discussions, and more. Get your ticket now!


● How do I select the right stall size at the startup expo in Surat?

First, you need to decide what the absolute basic things you’ll need to showcase for your startup stall are. Then, compare the stall sizes available at the event. Select the one that matches your needs. If the budget allows, you can select a larger stall and use it to enhance your showcase.

● Can any startup book a stall at a startup event?

Yes. If the startup event aligns with your industry or has your target audience, you can book a stall at the startup event.

● What is the process of stall booking for a startup event?

First, you need to decide the size and location of the stall. Once you are sure, you can book the stall by directly contacting the organizers or other methods they have provided. You should provide proof of your startup or yourself for verification. You successfully book your stall once you pay (online or offline).

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