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Behind the Scenes: Preparing for a Panel Discussion at the Startup Event in Gujarat

Preparing for a Panel Discussion at the Startup Event in Gujarat

A successful individual has the ability to learn from others’ stories. Hence, you must listen, observe, and learn to be a successful entrepreneur. One such place where entrepreneurs can learn is panel discussions, where industry experts share their thoughts, stories, and insights on different topics.

Participating in such a valuable panel discussion at the startup event in Gujarat is easier said than done. There is a lot that goes behind the curtains to prepare for an event of such magnitude. Let us walk you through the process of setup and its intent.

Before discussing preparations for the Gujarat Startup Conference, let’s understand the need for a panel discussion.

What are Panel Discussions in Startup Events?

Startup events are places for founders, investors, and businesses to gather. The purpose can range from raising funds to networking, sharing and gaining knowledge, and making your brand presence in the market. Startup events are also places for new entrepreneurs to learn about the market from industry experts. For this, panel discussions are an attractive feature of any startup event.

In panel discussions, panel invitees discuss a pre-decided topic. They converse, dwell on topics, and share their stories, insights, and future trends to help the listeners. From newbie startup founders to experienced business people, everyone can benefit from his discussion. During the debate, they take questions from the audience and try to answer them, and if there is room for further discussion, they will share more information related to the topic.

Preparing for a panel discussion at the startup event in Gujarat happens on two levels: before and during the panel discussion.

Pre-panel Planning

The pre-panel discussion includes the steps before the actual panel discussion takes place.

Deciding the Topic of a Panel Discussion
As you read above, the industry experts discuss a predetermined topic. Therefore, the first step to arranging a panel is determining the topic. Choosing one from a wide array of topics, one that will benefit your audience and make the discussion fruitful, is a lengthy process. Research is conducted to identify the area that needs more attention or is in demand. If there is a massive trend or event in the business or specific industry, can be selected too.

Selecting the Members for Panel Discussion
You can invite panel members from around the globe for your startup event in Gujarat. However, you must choose the right panel member to make the discussion interesting and attract a larger audience. The panel members invited are generally industry experts related to the topic on the panel to be discussed, making them chock-full of insights and knowledge. Invitations to the potential panelists contain detailed proposals and panel discussion topics.

Communicating with Panelists
Once the panelists are confirmed, the next step in Gujarat startup conference preparation is to communicate, giving them details on the event they will be attending, getting feedback, preparing the outline of the discussion, and more. This is the time when clear information and boundaries are shared. Additionally, it helps them avoid overlapping information.

Mock Discussion with the Panelists
Why does a mock discussion take place?
A mock discussion allows panelists to align perspectives, establish the flow of the discussion, clarify roles, manage time, and build rapport for an engaging and well-prepared panel discussion. Also helps the panelists understand and improve how they will present their points.

Event Preparation for Panel Discussion

Now, for the panel discussion day, here are a few things to take care of.

Panel Setup at a Startup Event
Panel set up on the stage is crucial for both the panelists and attendees. Thus, close attention is paid to the panel’s seating arrangement. Arrangements for the mics, sound system, and big screen for better visibility for the audience are checked to ensure that the attendees have proper seats that focus on the panel discussion.

Warming Up Panelists Before the Discussion
When the event starts, an introduction, a few warm-up talks, and light jokes can help set the mood for the discussion. They can also help kickstart the panel discussion and dive into the deeper conversation.

Engaging the Audience in the Panel Discussion
It is important to engage the audience in discussion to grasp their interest. To do so, previously agreed upon questions are asked, a Q&A session is conducted, and more.


The panel discussion is of great importance in startup events in Gujarat. It is a great learning opportunity for new startup founders and a knowledge-sharing platform for experienced individuals. Thus, 21by72 will organize an insightful panel discussion at the global startup event in Gujarat. We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and choose topics accordingly. We invite industry leaders for guest speeches and panel discussions. Our visitors can interact with the panel and ask their questions or doubts. Therefore, you and many startup founders like you will benefit from it.

21by72 is all set for the Global Startup Summit 2024, which will feature 12-panel discussion topics related to startup trends and their future. If you want to listen to industry leaders and growing entrepreneurs, Book your tickets now!


How can I benefit from a panel discussion?

A panel discussion includes an in-depth discussion on a topic. The industry experts share their stories, insights, and thoughts on market trends. Therefore, the panel discussion can be a great source of learning and motivation for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who wants to work in startups. You can also ask the panel members your questions and get helpful suggestions.

How do you select the right members for panel discussion?

You must select those with relevant experience and expertise depending on the panel discussion topic. This will make the panel discussion more useful and insightful.

Are panel discussions important at startup events in Gujarat?

Absolutely! In growing cities like Surat, entrepreneurship plays a vital rate. So, to help these entrepreneurs, a panel discussion is a must. It allows them to learn, question, and solve their doubts. Therefore, panel discussions at startup events in Gujarat, like the Global Startup Summit 2024 organized by 21by72, are a great place for industry experts and new startup founders to share knowledge.

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