Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Booking a Stall at Startup Expo: Benefits and Best Practices

Startup Expo

If you follow the startup circuit closely or are an entrepreneur, you know what a startup expo is and how it can help you grow your business. What you might be unaware of is that a startup showcase can boost a country’s startup ecosystem. It plays a huge part in startup growth and promoting its presence in the market.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of participating in startup events as an entrepreneur by how you can book a stall and ace it. We are going to guide you through the process of booking and the best practices to set up a stall. Let’s start by understanding what a stall is at a startup expo.

What Is A Startup Expo Stall?

Entrepreneurial shows are an amalgamation of many small events. There are investors, startup founders, customers, and more gathering under one roof to discuss ideas, gain insights, and network. As an entrepreneur, these are the people whom you have to impress. Thus, a startup expo is where you showcase your startup and its product/service to get investment or sales leads.

A stall is a designated area booked by you, a space dedicated to showcasing your startup in its glory, where you get the chance to attract investors and charm people to believe in your ideas.
Basically, a startup expo stall is a tent-like structure lined up in an area. They are available in varying sizes, so you can choose which suits your needs and budget. You can decorate the stall with posters, banners, samples, and digital media to attract and engage visitors.

What Are the Benefits of Booking a Stall?

Presenting your startup in a stall at a startup expo has varying benefits. We have listed major ones below to give you an idea of what advantages your business can gain.

1. A Boost in Brand Image and Awareness.
If you are putting your startup on a platform, people are going to notice. It offers you an opportunity to show your ideas and your vision to individuals who will resonate with it. Such startup expos are the ideal place to give your brand visibility. Rather than a sales event, look at it as a marketing event that will help you grow and develop a presence in the market.

2. Network with Investors and Entrepreneurs
Like the ones arranged by 21BY72, a startup expo is where many startup founders, investors, and businesses gather. Giving those who attend these events to meet and network with individuals, you otherwise might not get a chance to. In this day and age, your network is your net worth, building it must be one of your priorities as it can lead to investment, business deals, and supportive friendships.

3. Gather Sales Leads and Investment Opportunities.
One of the main objectives of the startup exhibition is fundraising and investments. Investors are looking for startups they can invest in and entrepreneurs are looking for investments. These events are the perfect playground for gathering sales and making deals. It is an opportunity to generate authentic leads and direct investments from investors. These leads have high chances of succeeding and leading into profiting deals.

4. Getting Feedback and Market Insights.
Those who learn are the ones who earn. For early-stage startups, these expos are a place to learn and grow. You can get valuable feedback and insights by marketing your product and services. Input from experienced industry people helps you optimize your ideas. Startup expos have many panel discussions and speeches to help you gain knowledge about the market.

As we learned here, attending a startup expo and booking a stall have incomparable benefits. However, selecting which expo to book one at, is a big decision. And the method of presenting your stall matters, you need to set it up effectively to get the best profit opportunities. Below are a few guidelines that will help you get the best return out of it.

● Research the Startup Expo.
There is no point in selling raincoats on a bright summer day. Similarly, if your startup doesn’t fit with the climate or objective of the start event, there is no point in setting up a stall. Do your research, and jot down events that will work the best for you. Analyze all the information -the aim of the startup exhibition, the intended attendees, the activities, etc. Then determine which exhibition will fit you and your startup.

● Match your Objective and Budget for the Startup Expo.
Remember to pace yourself over how you are going to spend money because expenses can get out of hand very fast. Put down a specific number for your budget, then bifurcate your expenses. Have an objective in mind, do you want to generate leads, raise funds, and gather feedback on your products? It will help you decide how you wish to set up a stall and what size and location will benefit you the most.
The budget must include the stall booking cost at the startup exhibition, the travel and accommodation costs, the stall setup cost, the cost of the samples, and more. It will help you estimate whether the price is worth it to achieve your goals. Once you are sure, you can go ahead and book the stall with the organizers.

● Select the Right Stall at the Startup Show.
The location of your stall and the size of it do impact the presentation of your startup at the expo. Choosing a stall at the starting point of the stalls or near the popular startups is beneficial. You can look at the stall setup blueprint and the list of participants (like 21BY72 provides) to find the best location.

● Setting up an Engaging Stall at the Startup Expo
Now that you have booked your stall, how do you go about setting it up? The objective of the stall is to attract and interact with the attendees and make your startup stand out. So, set up activities to showcase the use of your product or a little game to make it more interesting. You can also decorate the stall with posters, guides, and banners to boost your brand image. You can set up videos on laptops or TVs the organizers provide to attract visitors. Make use of colors that are pleasing to the eye and attract people. Your color palette and the layout of your stall subconsciously do impact visitors.

● Practice your Pitch to Perfection.
Your words matter. Presenting your startup is not just about the layout of the stall but how ‘you’ present it. Incorporate a simple and engaging pitch. Try to emphasize what makes you and your startup stand out from the rest, on how you are going to serve your target audience. Know that good conversions lead to great deals. You have to shape your pitch and improve its delivery. Additionally, conversing with the customers lets you get an idea of product improvements.

● Promote your Presence on Social Media.
Use the tool you always carry with you. Successful businesses have a digital presence that resonates with their audience. Put your startup journey out there for people to see. It helps you raise brand awareness and attract visitors to your stall. Promoting on social media lets you connect with fellow exhibitors and attendees too.

● Collect all the Leads and Feedback
Feedback is a gold mine only a few digs into. Devise easy-to-get personal feedback with contact information, that way you are killing two birds with one stone. Information obtained from this feedback will help improve your startup as well as get an insight into how people are reacting to your startup.

● Review your Stall’s Performance.
Your work doesn’t end when the startup expo wraps up; the true data is acquired afterward. You must review the day’s event and identify which areas you struggled with and which you aced at. Review your pitch and see its effectiveness and if it needs to be updated. Furthermore, review the feedback to improve your product or presentation.


Startup exhibitions are the ideal platform for startups to start gaining recognition. It allows startups to establish their brand image, boost brand awareness, generate authentic leads, raise funds, and network with industry people. Setting up a stall at a startup expo is easier said than done. One must choose the right startup trade show to showcase their startup and select the correct type of stall. The stall should be decorated with posters, banners, and engaging activities to attract and engage visitors. Prepare a pitch to deliver a point without sounding like a salesperson. Additionally, engage them in talking so you can learn how you can help them. It makes your work easy. Stay focused on collecting the leads and feedback to review them later. It is essential not to lose them and reach out to your leads to convert them into customers.

21by72 organizes many entrepreneurial events to help startups and investors connect. The goal is to provide a space to promote startup growth with startup exhibitions, panel discussions, speeches, and more. Stay tuned to learn more about such an exciting startup expo.


● Are startup trade shows worth it?

Absolutely. The startup trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to gather authentic leads and network. It was established to help startups grow and connect.

● How much is the cost of Expo stall booking?

The startup booking cost varies depending on the type of startup expo and the visitors. Factors such as location, size, and supporting amenities of the stall add to the price. Check all the additional costs with the organizers regarding the price.

● Who can participate in a startup expo?

Any startup founder with a startup, investors, business people, or even a person interested in startups can participate in the startup expo. It allows them to connect, learn, and take inspiration from one another.

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