Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Be an Early Bird and Get the Best Deal!

Global Impact: How International Trade Fairs Boost Startup Growth

International Trade Fair

How can you, as an entrepreneur, take your business international? Traditionally, there are multiple ways, each harder than the previous one. But one that has recently gained traction is International Trade Fairs. Attending international trade fairs can help you gain monetary and non-monetary benefits, especially for startups. Read this blog to learn how international exhibitions can help you and your startup.

What is an International Trade Fair?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, what exactly are international trade fairs?

An international trade fair is an exhibition where businesses and attendees from around the world participate. Here, the exhibitors can showcase their products to the attendees, hoping for sales, leads, investments, and more. International trade fairs are for everyone in the business field: business owners, investors, intermediaries, customers, and more. Such global trade events help everyone connect and go to business with ease.

So, we know that global trade events are for business people, executives, and investors worldwide. But what impact does it have? How can you benefit from attending an international trade fair, especially if you have a startup? Let’s learn about it.

The Impact of International Trade Fairs

  • Building a brand image in the international market:

Attending an internal exhibition as an exhibitor or visitor helps you establish your presence in the international market. It is the gateway to help you enter and represent yourself to the global audience. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C international exhibition, you can easily connect with your target audience and build your international brand image. You can attract an international audience and generate many leads. Attending several international trade fairs can expand your presence in the market and increase your exposure to your desired people and audience.

  • International exhibitions bring international exposure:

A business is only successful when it adapts with time. Right exposure is crucial to growing your business. There are many ways you can expose your company in the market. One such way is through international trade fairs. These fairs bring global business opportunities for startups. Whether you seek customers, investments, or product feedback, attending these events is crucial.

As per a study, a business has a 28% more exposure rate to meet its ideal audience: customers, business partners, and investors. Therefore, an international exhibition becomes the perfect place to showcase your business. You can set up a stall at these trade shows to get the best out of these international business expos. The stall allows you to show everyone at the expo what your business is and what you bring to the table. The Global Startup Summit, arranged by 21BY72 in India, offers one such opportunity, which is the form of an international exhibition for startups.

  • Making global business connections by networking:

Networking is the pillar for any business to stand out in the market. So, international trade fairs become your place to form meaningful connections in the international market. You get many global business opportunities to grow your business. Thus, focus on making global business connections through which you can grow your business and get valuable insights and suggestions when needed. You can connect with your target audience or well-established people in your industry. You can also connect with other startups and business people like yourself to form strategic partnerships or meaningful friendships in the industry.

  • Learning market trends at the International Summit

An international trade fair is often part of an international summit. The summit focuses on providing value to attendees through exposure to international exhibitions or understanding market insights. International business expos, like the Global Startup Summit by 21BY72, have panel discussions and speeches where industry leaders and established startup founders share their knowledge and help you understand many industry trends. Additionally, you get to interact with them and get insights and suggestions that you can adapt to your business.

  • Getting investment from the international business expos

When we think of international trade fairs or global trade events, we think of making sales or generating leads. But, the scope of such an event is more broader. International summits can allow you to raise funds. Investors often attend such global trade events to scout any promising startups. So, pay if you want to raise funds, attend trade shows where your target investors might attend, and set a stall or pitch and network with the right people.

21BY72 is a group of angel investors working to help startups and investors connect. We arrange a Global Startup Summit annually where startups, business executives, investors, and those interested in startups can attend. Our international summit is for experts to share knowledge and beginners to learn more about market trends and insights. We want to support startups in India by getting investments and learning about business and the market from experts. Stay tuned to 21BY72 for more on startups and startup resources!


An international trade fair can open doors for startups and businesses. It allows one to establish their brand image in the international market. It will enable the startup to present itself in the international market for exposure. Attending such events exposes you to many global business opportunities like business leads, partnerships, or investments. By attending international summits, you can form meaningful global business connections. Such connections can be helpful when you need feedback or insights, create a business partnership, or need investments.

International trade fairs are often part of international summits with panel discussions and industry expert speakers. Thus, you can learn about the market trends and get advice on business problems you might be facing. Such international summits are the perfect place to get investments by exhibiting your startup idea and offering it to investors. So, there are many benefits of attending international trade fairs for startups. You must choose an event that fits your needs and industry to get the best from attending it.

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